Thursday, September 2, 2010

From the Mouth of Leigh Ann Larkin

I found Andrew Gans' Playbill interview with A Little Night Music's Leigh Ann Larkin to be insightful and inspirational.

Andrew Gans: When did you get to New York?

Leigh Ann Larkin: I got to New York in 2002. I graduated in 2002, and I came here with my bells on thinking, "I'm gonna conquer the world!" And a lot of my classmates were really successful right off the bat and were booking major national tours. I mean, one of my classmates booked a Broadway show within the first six months of being here. And I was just like, "Why can't that be me? I want this so bad." It took me six years before I got a Broadway show, which was Gypsy.

Think about how discouraging that must be--six years is a long time of auditioning and believing in yourself. I've been trying to do something for about ten years now, but in between, I've been working on other projects in my time in my attempt to "make it"--my novel, trying to get into grad school, and so on. She kept at it for six years! Could you imagine if she had given up after five?

Thank you for the encouragement, Leigh Ann. I look forward to seeing you perform while I'm in New York next week!