Friday, October 19, 2007

Broadway Space

I bit on a posting on Talkin’ Broadway about the new online networking site BroadwaySpace. I never got into MySpace or Facebook, but I couldn’t resist something as focused on theatre as this. We’ll see how exciting it proves to be in the long run, but right now I’ve been having fun playing around.

I think it’s much like the other networking sites, where you can post photos and information about yourself, blog, visit with others, and join interest-based groups. I’m using the blog feature to re-post some of my older blog entries just because many of them are still relevant but get lost in the shuffle (particularly from when I did the 50 Amazing Broadway Performers in 50 Weekdays series, which makes those older entries easy to lose on the index).

The interesting part for me is that I’m lacking in online networking social skills. What is the purpose of being someone’s friend? How do you go about it? Are there any special rules for leaving comments on other people’s pages? Why would I leave comments on their pages?

I think this could be a great place to enter into discussion about theatre on a more personal level. Message boards are great, but you are pretty much risking attack at anything you say. I love discussing theatre and learning from that discussion, so perhaps BroadwaySpace will become another avenue for just that sort of thing.

By the way, my photo for the space is actually a drawing. When I did a reading of my first musical, I hired models, a photographer, and a graphic designer (for far below minimums, but they all got great additions to their portfolios) to create it. This was from the graphic designer’s pencil drawings of his idea for the poster.

Broadway Space:

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October 19, 2007

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