Monday, February 25, 2008

Broadway Star Bingo V

Welcome to the fifth edition of Broadway Star Bingo.

Rules for Bingo: As in regular Bingo, try to get five boxes in a row up, down, or diagonal. Mark off the boxes of Broadway stars you’ve seen perform live.

What counts: Broadway, off-Broadway, regional, or any other venue for live theatre. You must have seen them in a musical or play (not concert, benefit, etc.) and must have seen them live (DVDs, videos, and bootlegs don’t count).

Rules for Bango: For a Bango, you must form the letter B on the Broadway Star Bingo card. To do this, you get the entire B row, the entire top and bottom row, plus the top two and bottom two names under the O. To complete the B-shape, you get the first four names in the very middle row going across (in other words, excluding the name in the O column). This is a little confusing, but it forms a B on the card.

Rules for Bongo: This is the coveted coverall.

Winning: When you hit a bingo, bango, bongo, call it out on the comment space below. You do NOT need to be a registered Blogger user to post. You may be as anonymous as you’d like.

When you have a bingo or a bango, call off the squares in which you won, listing at least one show you saw each performer in. If you have a bongo, you may call off as many as you wish.

Prize: The prize is pride and bragging rights, plus the chance to share your beloved theatrical memories.

the Broadway Mouth
February 19, 2008

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Broadway Blog said...

My Bingo is . . .

Christa Justus--TITANIC
Michael Cumpsty--42ND STREET
Noah Racey--FOLLIES