Tuesday, April 1, 2008

“My Funny Valentine”: Melinda Doolittle’s iTunes Release

I was a big fan of Melinda Doolittle’s versatile performance abilities on American Idol last season. Whatever genre was thrown at her, she could handle it with finesse and style.

Recently she released a single on iTunes, her rendition of the Rodgers and Hart classic “My Funny Valentine” from Babes in Arms, probably either as a net to see what interest there would be if she were to release a full album or, possibly, as a promotion of something to come.

True to her style from when performing on the show, she begins her rendition with soaring voice but lacking in emotional direction. It’s as if she’s enjoying the vocalization without communicating a strong intent; however, there comes the moment in the song when she and the orchestrations collide into an up-tempo rhythm that grooves the song for modern audiences. I love it. If Doolittle were to release a full album of pop standards, not only would it give songs of this style—many of which are classic Broadway songs—a new audience, but it would give us a great full-length album.

It is worth noting that this is not the same version Doolittle performed on American Idol; it is much better.

The download in only 99 cents. Check it out!

the Broadway Mouth
April 1, 2008

(Note: And while you’re there, check out the Webber Trio from the My Favorite Broadway: The Leading Ladies concert. It’s the glorious arrangement of “Love Changes Everything,” “Unexpected Song,” and “I Don’t Know How to Love Him” so beautifully sung by Audra McDonald, Marin Mazzie, and Judy Kuhn. It’s simply to die for. Except you don’t have to die for it. It’s only 99 cents!)

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cara said...

Thanks for the comment on my blog! And if you're browsing the My Favorite Leading Ladies album on iTunes, you must check out Dorothy Loudon's "Fifty Percent." It's great.