Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Now I'm a Believer

While I don't think the economy can be blamed for every closing, here's one that certainly points to the potential for bleak times ahead.

I'm not ready to gloom and doom just yet, though. Sure, Disney is offering a free ticket offer for each of its three shows, including The Lion King, and the closing of Grease so soon is a shocker, but I'm still holding out hope. I mean, how many times in the past two months have I seen on the news about a horrible drop on Wall Street or some other ominous sign, only to have it followed by "the lowest its been since 2001" or "an event that hasn't happened since 1997." Let's face it, things weren't so bad in 1997 or 2001.

So, we'll see. As always, the key is not to panic. Blaming every closing on the economy is not productive, and it's not accurate, either. After all, Jane Eyre, A Class Act, The Life, Carrie, and Urban Cowboy all closed in healthier times. Things can close because they are bad, poorly received, or have just run their course. Let's be sure the decifier which is the case before enjoying a good panic.

the Broadway Mouth
December 3, 2008

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