Thursday, July 23, 2009

Like, Totally Baby Einstein: Broadway Edition

My 3 ½ year-old niece gets carsick. As evidence, she’s gotten sick in my car twice. Recently, I was driving her about two hours from home to a family wedding party. She slept for the first hour, but when she woke up, it was a race against time. My dad and I tried our best to distract her, but when she put her hand up to her mouth, it was a sure sign it was time to stop the car. Three times.

I had a CD of Disney songs in the car, and in an effort to distract her from her pains so we could actually get to the party, I put on her favorite, “Part of Your World” from the movie The Little Mermaid. And when the next song would start, she’s say, “I wanna hear Mermaid again.” I love “Part of Your World” and am, as my dad calls me, the overkill king, but by the end of the trip, even I was a little tired of it.

The next week, I was babysitting my niece on a night when I had a birthday party to go to on a farm about an hour away.

Gulp. I really wanted to walk away that night still loving “Part of Your World.”

I put in my Legally Blonde OBCR. Let me tell you, Legally Blonde soothes the savage stomach. On the way there, she immediately latched onto “Omigod You Guys.” It started with Bruiser barking. She loved barking along with the dog, but after three listens, I could hear her singing along to parts of the song. I skipped ahead to another up-tempo gem, “What You Want,” and because of the repetitive title phrase, even then, she was singing along until she fell asleep.

After the party—a night filled with piglets, goats, a gazillion dogs, and fireworks—we were in the car, ready to head home. She was tired. When she gets tired, she starts to mumble, so I knew she’d be out cold for the ride home. Still, I asked her, “Should we turn on some music?”

She mumbled softly from the backseat, “Bzosmd bdhof “Omigod” dmfn ajdhd.”

And she sang along until she fell asleep. Oh my God, you guys.

the Broadway Mouth
July 23, 2009

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Eireann O said...

Love your blog! the music from Legally blonde is so funny!
Broadway rocks, I blog about it too! : )