Saturday, April 24, 2010

I'm Impressed: Laura Bell Bundy

I hate country music. Let me say that again. I hate country music. I bought a Johnny Cash CD after seeing Walk the Line and never finished listening to it. This, however, impresses me. The music video isn't to my liking (though I love its theatricality), but I have to admit to really liking this song and Ms. Bundy's performance of it.

After seeing the MTV broadcast of Legally Blonde (and listening to the CD about a trillion times), I'm a huge fan of Laura Bell Bundy's talents. She’s versatile and has a powerhouse voice. I hope her country career skyrockets to prove that with a little brains, a little talent, and a boatload of hard work, a Broadway artist can become a star beyond the Broadway stage.

the Broadway Mouth
April 24, 2010


kassierivera said...

I agree with you on all counts except the music video one, haha. I love Laura so much. She's totally amazing. I love her music because I can identify with it. What the eff is a hillbilly bone?! Now, a rebound? That I know.

Mallory Nolting said...

I love laura bell bundy! This could have been really bad but she actually was pretty good!