Wednesday, May 4, 2011

What, the Tony Nominations Came Out Today????

When I was teaching eighth grade, the number one rule was that kids couldn’t acknowledge they liked something. No one wanted to step out and be un-cool because he or she liked something that was out of the norm.

My favorite thing about Tony time is when the Broadway celebs are asked how they heard about the nominations.

Honestly, you’ve been nominated for how many Tonys in the past, and you still don’t know when they’re being announced? No one in your show or your agent or your mother or your spouse wished you luck? You actually slept in?

There’s some footage on the disc of Show Business: The Road to Broadway in which stars are asked about their mornings when the Tonys were announced. There’s one multiple-Tony-winning actress who isn’t talented enough to convince me she wasn’t waiting for the nominations.

In honor of the Tonys, I re-post my tweets of Broadway STARS' responses to the question . . . How did you hear about the Tony nominations?

"I was doing a sleep study in the Congo when a tribal shaman burst in to tell me I was nominated. When he said Tonys, I looked for pasta."

"I TOTALLY forgot the Tonys existed. When my agent said I was nominated, I thought I needed a blood test and an image consultant."

"I don't care about the Tony nomination. It's all about art for me. What? They want me for Saw 14 in 3D? Heck-to-the-yeah!"

"I was busy watching Saved By the Bell re-runs when I got a call from my manager. I'm too cool to watch the Tony nominations."

"I knew I'd be asked this question, so I stayed in bed trying to pretend I was asleep so I could honestly say I wasn't watching the nominations."

Congratulations to everyone who was nominated, no matter how much you feign disinterest.

the Broadway Mouth
May 4, 2011

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