Tuesday, September 9, 2008

20 Great Broadway Songs of the Past 10 Years: “Ohmigod You Guys”

It does everything an opening number should do. And it’s infectious too.

The key to “Ohmigod You Guys,” the number by Laurence O’Keefe and Nell Benjamin that opens Legally Blonde, is both a catchy, fun melody and the unceasing and snappy rhymes, particularly the plethora of words that go with guys—prize, qualifies, accessorize, economize, lies, eyes, et al. It’s simply energetic and tremendous fun. That is, energetic and tremendous that also works to effectively establish the tone of the show as well as introduce the main character (as well as the mindset of her friends).

I haven’t yet seen Legally Blonde (it’s coming on tour this season), but because of “Ohmigod You Guys,” I’m very excited to hear the rest of the score. Broadway is replete with opening numbers that function to exactly what “Ohmigod You Guys” does—and O’Keefe and Benjamin have presented us with one in a show that has captured the hearts of millions of teenagers across the country.

Go, Elle!

the Broadway Mouth
September 9, 2008

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