Tuesday, September 2, 2008

On the Twentieth Century CD Suggestion

I don’t like those clumsy, old-style 2-Disc CD cases, the ones where it is twice as big as a regular CD case. It’s particularly annoying when there’s only one CD in the case, such as is the situation with the OBCR of Gentlemen Prefer Blondes and On the Twentieth Century (and probably with A Tree Grows in Brooklyn as well as the second Rosalind Russell Wonderful Town recording and, I’m sure, a few others).

It would be my guess that manufacturers use those larger cases because it is a challenge to fit thick, multi-language linear booklets into the normal single-disc case.

But there is hope! For each of my single-disc double-CD case OBCRs, I have found that the booklet, though it is larger, will still fit into a single-disc CD case. It’s easy to use the back of the original double-CD case in a single-disc case because they are the same size. The front cover of the two CD cases are different; however, the thicker booklets easily fit into the cover slot.

For the On the Twentieth Century CD, if you use a fully clear plastic CD case, the white backing of the back cover perfectly compliments the crispy white artwork of the cover. I was thrilled when I saw this because my new but aged-looking CD, once in a new case, looked like a release for a brand new show.

the Broadway Mouth
September 2, 2009

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