Saturday, July 7, 2007

Prelude to 50 Amazing Broadway Performers in 50 Weekdays

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You have the book, the music, the CD, the photographs. The one thing you can never fully appreciate or duplicate as you read books about Broadway shows or listen to other people chat about them is the performance itself. If you listen to Ethel Merman on CD, you don’t get it. Seeing a snippet of her performance used in Broadway: The American Musical, you have to imagine being in a theatre in order for her voice not to be too much like a foghorn. But when you’ve seen an amazing performance, you understand a little of what it might have been like to see the Merm as Annie Oakley, Sally Adams, or Mamma Rose.

Over the next ten weeks or so, providing nothing unusual comes up, I am going to take time to write a little about my favorite performers and the amazing performances that have awed me. Each day’s entry will be saved for future reference, but on the day that I honor them, I will attempt to have a picture of them in the title rectangle of my blog. Additionally, I’ll link to any relevant websites or interviews and search for any online video of that person in performance.

Please keep in mind that my ability to post depends on a number of factors, largely work. That may mean that Monday’s blog entry might be posted at 5:00 EST, then Tuesdays could be posted on noon. I’ll do what I can. Unless something comes up where I can’t get to a computer, there will be a new entry every weekday until I hit 50.

The 50 Amazing Broadway Performers will be listed in no particular order and will be in ADDITION to my usual blog entries. If you are looking for a new performer to be listed, please also look for a new regular entry. I don’t want to be writing entries no one reads!

Broadway Mouth
July 7, 2007


Leslie said...

Cool idea - can't wait to see who makes your top 50!

John said...

Sorry my comments are all corrections. I do like your blog. But the Merm played Sally Adams, whose character was based on Perle Mesta.

Broadway Blog said...

No, keep 'em coming, John. I sometimess write these in a rush (and research details in a rush), and I'm VERY glad to be corrected when I'm make errors.

Thanks for reading!