Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Amazing Broadway Performer: JoAnn M. Hunter

Here was another one of those cases of the understudy making you forget you were seeing an understudy. JoAnn M. Hunter, who later took over the role, was my Lois Lane when I saw Kiss Me, Kate on Broadway.

It was an electric performance, her Lois Lane a comedic delight full of stage presence and charm. Like I had mentioned in an earlier blog, this was the first Broadway show I saw where it featured significant dancing of this type—numbers that weren’t largely driven by an entire chorus on stage. It was awesome to see JoAnn M. Hunter doing her thing with such skill and flair.

I laughed so hard at her Lois, whom she made not only a few seats short of a full house but charming and sympathetic as well. Her “Always True to You (In My Fashion)” was a comedic delight.

When I met Ms. Hunter outside the stage door, I still remember how in awe I was of her talents. Plus, she was incredibly kind, which is always a bonus.

The Internet Broadway Database indicates that in recent years, the uber-talented Ms. Hunter has moved into taking on creative roles behind-the-scenes. I hope that doesn’t signal an end to her great career onstage.

Getting to Know You Interview: Why hasn’t anyone interviewed this amazing talent?

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September 11, 2007

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