Monday, March 3, 2008

Broadway Star Bingo VI (Honoring Actors Who’ve Appeared in Les Miserables)

Welcome to the sixth edition of Broadway Star Bingo, honoring the Broadway runs of Les Miserables and the myriad of performers Cameron Mackintosh has employed for many years, giving extremely talented people a chance to play roles that they might not otherwise have gotten had the show not been the big-name draw.

Rules for Bingo: As in regular Bingo, try to get five boxes in a row up, down, or diagonal. Mark off the boxes of Broadway stars you’ve seen perform live.

What counts: Broadway, off-Broadway, regional, or any other venue for live theatre. You must have seen them in a musical or play (not concert, benefit, etc.) and must have seen them live (DVDs, videos, and bootlegs don’t count).

Rules for Bango: For a Bango, you must form the letter B on the Broadway Star Bingo card. To do this, you get the entire B row, the entire top and bottom row, plus the top two and bottom two names under the O. To complete the B-shape, you get the first four names in the very middle row going across (in other words, excluding the name in the O column). This is a little confusing, but it forms a B on the card.

Rules for Bongo: This is the coveted coverall.

Winning: When you hit a bingo, bango, bongo, call it out on the comment space below. You do NOT need to be a registered Blogger user to post. You may be as anonymous as you’d like.

When you have a bingo or a bango, call off the squares in which you won, listing at least one show you saw each performer in. If you have a bongo, you may call off as many as you wish.

Prize: The prize is pride and bragging rights, plus the chance to share your beloved theatrical memories.

the Broadway Mouth
March 3, 2008

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