Friday, March 7, 2008

Pop Culture?

I’ve been talking much lately about getting Broadway into mainstream culture. Well, one way of that happening is getting people to write about it. Two recent articles of note that you might be interested in and links to them:

Entertainment Weekly, March 3, 2008—This is the issue with the Oscars on the cover. There’s an article inside that consists of snippets from interviews from people involved with the Broadway and film versions of Rent, including Fredi Walker-Browne and Daphne Rubin-Vega discussing not being in the movie.

Time, March 10, 2008—This is the issue with the back of Obama’s head on the covering and the headline “How Much Does Experience Matter?” There’s a great article here about the closing of Rent and, more importantly, discussing the future of Broadway in terms of reaching out to new audiences and changing the storytelling perspectives to more personal subject matter (which I recently wrote about myself). The article highlights In the Heights and Passing Strange.

the Broadway Mouth
March 7, 2008

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