Monday, March 24, 2008

The Dangers of the First Row

As I’m sure it was on Broadway, the orchestra for the tour revival of Annie Get Your Gun was placed on stage, which meant that the normal orchestra pit space could be covered and used for additional orchestra-priced seating, which is where I managed to get my ticket for. I was seated in the second row, next to two parents whose two sons were directly in front of them in the front row.

As George McDaniel, in the role of Buffalo Bill Cody, walked across the lip of the stage early on to introduce the story, he was unintentionally spurting saliva, as Broadway actors tend to do. As he’d do so, I’d see the boys’ mother reaching forward to wipe of her kids’ foreheads dry.

That’s one experience you’ll never get at the movies.

the Broadway Mouth
March 24, 2008

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