Monday, March 31, 2008

You Bastards

Okay, okay I’m on those sites too, so it’s “We Bastards” (though, for the record, I’m the nice one).

Kathy Henderson’s interview with Laura Benanti, though, really highlights the problem with much of the negativity on the Broadway message boards.

You basically broke your neck during the run of Into the Woods, which is an incident I had never read about.
I think many people didn't know about it. At least for a while, there was a notion going around that either I was lazy and missing shows, or I was behaving badly and missing shows, or I was faking an injury and missing shows. That was really hard for me because it certainly was not the case.

People can be so harsh over any move actors make, and I think it’s best to give the person the benefit of the doubt. People have attacked, literally attacked, Laura Benanti, Donna Murphy, LaChanze, and a number of other stars without knowing the truth about absences. For Benanti, while people were spreading rumors and speaking cruelly, she was recovering from a very serious injury.

That’s not very nice.

the Broadway Mouth
March 31, 2008

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cara said...

Agreed. People are often ridiculous on those boards and this is the primary reason I've basically broken myself of reading them. I read the Laura Benanti interview earlier today and felt sorry for her. Incidentally, I adore her. Met her at the stage door after Gypsy last summer at City Center and she was incredibly sweet, even though I'm sure I went all fangirl tongue-tied on her.