Thursday, August 9, 2007

Amazing Broadway Performer: Leslie Kritzer

Okay, so everybody else in New York City already knows how amazing Leslie Kritzer is. But I get to brag because I knew it when I saw her on tour as Little Becky Two Shoes in Urinetown. It’s not that there weren’t a number of extraordinarily talented people on stage in that show, but here’s Leslie Kritzer in this relatively small part of a pregnant woman with a leg brace, and you could see that Broadway spark of talent in her.

I really remember her being so funny, in every nuance of character—in her reactions, in her listening, in her facial expressions. And despite all the make-up and goofy accoutrements of poverty, you could see that Leslie Kritzer was a very beautiful woman under it all. Most importantly, even in that role, she exuded the “it” factor, that stage spark. I always found myself wondering what she was going to do in each scene.

We all know Leslie Kritzer is on to bigger and better things. I have a hunch that she will use a big stage role as her entrance into television or movies. I just hope that when she does, she never completely abandons her stage roots. Folks like her need the stage to shine fully.

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August 9, 2007

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