Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Amazing Broadway Performer: Rick Faugno

Good work always gets noticed. Rick Faugno played Bobby Van Husen in the Julie Andrews tour of The Boy Friend. I had heard that CD so many times—because of Julie Andrews it was one of the first Broadway CDs I checked out of the library as a teenager—but the show itself was like flat soda pop. It was a very talented cast, of that there’s no doubt, but the day I saw the show, it was like everyone had had eight helpings of Grandma’s spaghetti with a couple of cement biscuits, and the already stupid material didn’t get any more exciting.

But whenever Rick Faugno came on, lighting hit the stage. You couldn’t take your eyes away from his performance, and the show began to move. You just wanted to see him take on the other roles as well, whatever to keep him on stage. He was that good.

According to his bio, he had appeared on Broadway prior in Chitty Chitty Bang Bang and Wonderful Town. Here’s a phenomenally talented young man. I hope he gets noticed and gets the parts he deserves and soon!

the Broadway Mouth
August 8, 2007

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sammin33 said...

im sure you already know this, but rick faugno can currently be seen as the "official frankie valli alternate" in the first national tour of jersey boys. i believe they are playing at arizona state university for the next few weeks.