Monday, August 13, 2007

Intermission: 50 Amazing Broadway Performers in 50 Weekdays

Intermission: 50 Amazing Broadway Performers in 50 Weekdays

We’ve reached the halfway point in 50 Amazing Broadway Performers in 50 Weekdays. I’m going to take a week off to focus on writing regular blog entries and to take a mome (as Millie says in the film version of Thoroughly Modern Mille) to cleanse the palate. As a reminder, so far the list, which has been posted in no particular order, has been:

Norm Lewis
Felicia P. Fields
Carol Channing
Chuck Wagner
Susan Egan
Marla Schaffel
Douglas Sills
Mary Testa
Cleavant Derricks
Carly Jibson
Sherie René Scott
Denis O’Hare
Michael Lanning
Amy Spanger
Faith Prince
Emily Skinner
Jose Llana
Stephen Lynch
Rebecca Luker
Randal Keith
Sutton Foster
Lea Salonga
Rick Faugno
Leslie Kritzer
Merle Dandridge

There’s a lot of talent on the list, and best of all, there’s still much more to come. We truly live in a time ripe with talent! As I said in my June 14, 2007, blog entry “Announced for Next Season: The Second Golden Age,” on my last trip to New York “I saw performances as great as any on the Broadway stage ever . . . I couldn’t have paid big bucks to see better talents.” With people like those I’ve been writing about playing characters on the boards, how can we not be close to the next greatest thing Broadway’s ever seen?

Nothing will ever replace Gwen Verdon or Ethel Merman or John Raitt, but then, nothing will ever replace Sutton Foster or Leslie Kritzer or Douglas Sills.

Again, I want to thank all the people who have been checking in to see what's new. I haven't had time to closely follow hits over the past few weeks, but I was averaging 1300 hits a week just a few weeks ago. I hope you are all finding something interesting to read.

So, one week for a break, then on with the celebration of amazing Broadway talent! Until then, look for some new regular blog entries.

the Broadway Mouth
August 13, 2007

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